Anniversary at the beach 

For groups larger than 40 people we have a separate beach house next to our restaurant, which you can book for an exclusive anniversary party. And say for yourself... Celebrating an anniversary with your toes curling in the sand, what more could you wish for? It's all possible at Hippie Fish. It doesn't matter if you want to celebrate your one year wedding anniversary or your 25 years in service at your company, a 'Hippie Fish style' anniversary party will be a party you won't forget. The relaxing atmosphere of the beach, the fireplace, the porch and the French doors opening towards the sea are the ideal ingredients for a great anniversary. 

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What are the basic requirements for a successful celebration of an anniversary? The unique atmosphere at Hippie Fish will, without a doubt, be a good basis to a great celebration. And that’s not surprising, because an anniversary on the beach has that one important quality that you can’t find anywhere else: the unique relaxing atmosphere. Sit down and relax with your friends, familie and or colleagues and experience the unique atmosphere with the jubilee. Slow down – stay a while.

Hippie Fish – the awesome crew!
Young, social, driven and creative. That’s how we describe our beach boys & girls. We make sure you can forget about the world around you for a while. The unique and relaxing atmosphere at Hippie Fish is strengthened by the personal attention from our young and enthusiastic team who work swiftly and efficiently.

Hippie Fish’s - fantastic anniversary food & drinks
We also serve drinks for all tastes. Get your cold beer or soda from the big tin bowl and make sure to toast all together at the same time. We will take care of the sound and our bartender will make a great Gin Tonic or another delicious mixed drink for you. We also have a wide selection of wines, not only serving classic French and Italian wines, but also wines from the New World

At Hippie Fish we like working with fresh and seasonal products. That’s what we’ll also do on your anniversary! A combination of changing, seasonal fish, meat and vegetarian meals will be served on wooden plates. During the summer you’ll enjoy this food with your feet in the sand and in the autumn at the fireplace under a warm blanket.

Hippie Fish Zandvoort – Unique birthday at the beach
Are you looking for an unique venue for the celebration of your anniversary at the beach? Our exclusive Beachhouse will be exactly what you’re looking for! Slow down – stay a while.